Sergei Orlinskii (1.05.1962-25.09.2021)


On September 25, 2021, an outstanding experimental physicist, the expert in the field of EPR spectroscopy, associate professor of the Kazan Federal University Dr. Sergei Orlinskii has passed away.

Sergei Orlinskii was born on May 1, 1962. In 1984 he graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Kazan University with a degree in radiophysics. His thesis was of such a high level that he was offered to continue to engage in science and become a fellow worker of the Laboratory of Magnetic Radiospectroscopy and Quantum Electronics (MRS and QE). In 1989, the young scientist successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic "Experimental study of inorganic phosphate glasses activated by rare-earth ions by the electron spin echo method" (Scientific Supervisor - Senior Researcher of the Laboratory of MRS and QE, Dr. Andrey Antipin). For six years (2000-2006) Dr. Sergei Orlinskii worked at the Huygens Laboratory of Leiden University (Holland), where he was engaged in the improvement of existing and development of new methods of high-frequency radiospectroscopy (EPR and ENDOR). With his direct participation, the world's first pulsed EPR spectrometer with an operating frequency of 275 GHz was created. Sergei Orlinskii has carried out a number of pioneering works on the study of nanostructures by high-frequency EPR/ENDOR methods. From 2006 to the last days, Sergei Orlinskii actively taught the students and was engaged in scientific research at Kazan University.


Sergei Orlinskii was a world-class scientist, a renowned specialist in the field of magnetic resonance in condensed matter. He has received recognition as the author of over one hundred scientific articles in high-rated international physics scientific journals and a reviewer of the international journals Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, Applied Magnetic Resonance; chairman, organizer and speaker of the most prestigious international conferences, various forums of leading EPR scientific schools.


The scientist is a real successor of the EPR school at Kazan Federal University and actually has headed it during last years. He was loved by students, respected by his colleagues; a group of colleagues has rallied around him in collaboration with whom complex interdisciplinary research was carried out. Sergei Orlinskii was the ideological inspirer, the head of grants for the RFBR, RSF. He was an outstanding scientific advisor, communicating techniques and research style, helping to see and appreciate the true beauty of the experiment. Volodin M., Yavkin B., Kutin Y. defended their Ph.D. theses under his scientific supervision, he was the initiator of the creation of a joint postgraduate study at Kazan University and the University of Antwerp (Belgium).


Since September 2006, the scientist has been actively involved in the work of the Federal Center for Collective Use at KSU. He took an active part in the launch of the newest high-frequency EPR spectrometer Elexsys-680 and its subsequent modernization. Sergei Orlinskii had extensive experience in teaching. It began with lectures on all sections of the general physics course at the Kazan Institute of Chemistry and Technology; in recent years, he passed on his extensive knowledge in the field of EPR spectroscopy to the masters of the Kazan Federal University. He became one of the authors of the textbooks "High-field, pulsed, and double resonance studies of crude oils and their derivatives" and "Nanoparticles: Workhorses of Nanoscience" devoted to EPR spectroscopy.


Sergei Orlinskii will forever remain for us an example of boundless devotion to science, a real model of a modern scientist: boldly going forward, opening new horizons for humanity. At all times, even difficult for the development of science, he remained confident in the correctness of his life choice, was a man full of optimism and kindness, openness and friendliness, faith in the future of our scientific school. He knew how to inspire colleagues, support, lead, generously share scientific ideas, be a reliable friend and an honest scientist. The memory of him is forever in our hearts.


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