agnetic Resonance in Solids. Electronic Journal.

Information for prospective authors 

Magnetic Resonance in Solids, Electronic Journal (MRSej) is a peer-reviewed, all electronic journal, publishing articles which meet the highest standards of scientific quality in the field of basic research of a magnetic resonance in solids and related phenomena. MRSej is free, for the authors (no page charges) as well as for the readers (no subscription fee). The language of MRSej is English. All exchanges of information will take place via Internet. Articles are submitted in electronic form (see Submission rules for details) and the refereeing process uses electronic mail. All accepted articles are immediately published by being made publicly available by www, ftp and e-mail. Subscribers automatically receive the Title and Abstract of every new Article published.

In "Submission rules" you find details about acceptable formats for the text and figures.

What happens after submission of a paper?

  1. The Executive Editor compiles the paper. If an error occurs, the paper is deleted and the author is forwarded a message mentioning the problem (optionally including the error message), and including a formal letter saying that the paper was rejected due to failure of the compile procedure, and asking the author to correct errors and to resubmit the paper. If compile procedure was successful, the author is forwarded a message containing a manuscript number and saying that the manuscript was received and that it is going to be refereed.
  2. MRSej Executive Editor forwards the paper to referees, and within two weeks reports his decision to the editorial board. If the paper is rejected, the Executive Editor forwards the author e-mail letter saying that the paper is rejected. If the paper is accepted, the secretary forwards the paper and referee's report(s) and opinions of other members of the board (if any exist) to the Editors-in-Chief, who make the final decision within one weeks. The paper is accepted for publication in case one Editor-in-Chief accepts the paper.
  3. In case the author decides to withdraw the paper, he/she forwards this decision to the editorial board, using "SUBJECT: MRSej manuscript number: withdrawn" ( or ).
  4. Accepted version of a paper is the form that will be in the Journal; the author will not be able to make any changes, except: errata and additions can be attached to the end and, where appropriate, be added to the main text calling attention to these addendums. The only way for the author to "revise" the paper is to withdraw it (as indicated in 3) and to submit the revised version as a new manuscript.
  5. The paper is given its final number (a new volume is started if the current volume is decided to be full). MRSej proceeds to put the volume and article numbers in headers. The resulting file is forwarded to the author for proofing.
  6. Authors retain ownership of copyright to their work, subject to appropriate use of the work by the journal (see "Submission rules"). Then
  7. Each paper is published in Published in this site, eLIBRARY (from 2006), CyberLeninka (from 2006).

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