agnetic Resonance in Solids. Electronic Journal.

How to prepare a manuscript

Authors are invited to submit articles to the Editorial Board in standard LaTeX format (LaTeX 2e) or in pdfLaTeX (preferrably!). Submissions to MRSej may consist of a single LaTeX file or a combination of several LaTeX files, like graphics files, bib files, auxiliary LaTeX files, etc. All submissions must utilize an MRSej template to specify bibliographic and other information (See submission rules).

Since June 2019, the MRSej has completely switched to LaTeX (pdflatex) to prepare articles for publication. Manuscripts in other formats are accepted only as an exception after the personal permission of the Journal Editor.

Each LaTeX manuscript (including title, author(s), address(es), abstract, PACS, keywords, equations, tables, figures and references) and all additional files (including figures, bibtex file, etc) are prepared by the author(s) and submitted to the Editorial Board via Internet. Separate graphic files must be of appropriate typographic quality in any format supported by pdflatex, for example, either PDF, or EPS, or PNG, etc, see below for specific details). The authors should complete a Submission Template: title; author(s) name, address and Email address; abstract (not more than 200 words); PACS numbers; keywords (optional); support (optional), etc. The completed Submission Template with attachment containing the manuscript files must be sent to the Editorial Office by e-mail .

If the paper is accepted for publications in the MRSej, two cover pages of each article is added in final form by the MRSej Editorial Office The Editorial Office will add the MRSej volume and article numbers, dates received, revised and accepted, and the MRSej LogoType. The body of the article including the title; author(s) name, address and E-mail address; abstract (not more than 200 words); PACS numbers; keywords (optional); support (optional); main text with equations, tables, figures and references starts at the top of the third page. The paper will be sent to all subscribers by e-mail immediately after publication of the article.

LaTeX2e (and pdfLaTeX!) IS THE PREFERRED FORMAT, and its use will facilitate consideration of an article. Only standard TeX fonts should be used, namely Computer Modern, AMSFonts (optionally), and LaTeX symbol fonts. PostScript graphics in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) or PDF or PNG) format may be included for standard LaTeX, or graphics in Portable Document Format (PDF) or portable network graphics (PNG) may be attached for pdfLaTeX using. The graphics should be sent as separate files. The macro package graphicx may be used for inclusion of EPS (PDF, PNG) graphics, but Psfig or EPSF are also allowable. Authors who intend to submit a manuscript in a different format should consult the Executive Editor ( ) before submission.
A style file (mrsej.cls) is available from the journal and its use during preparation of articles is strictly encouraged. The some things keep in mind.

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