This special issue (MRSej, Volume 6, No 1) is dedicated to Professor Boris I. Kochelaev on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.

The 22 papers are originally written by Kochelaev's colleagues, friends, and pupils to his anniversary, and they cover the wide range of problems of modern condensed matter physics: from polymer physics up to superconductor physics. The submitted researches are united that they concern to a circle of Kochelaev's interests, in a number of works the methods and ideas advanced by him are directly used.

Some papers are written in Russian, but they have English abstract.

{The originals of papers are published in the book "Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Physics" (Eds. Prof. B.Z. Malkin, Prof. Yu.N. Proshin) Kazan: "Novoe znanie", 2004, 404 pages}.


CONTENTS, MRSej, Vol. 6, No.1, 2004


pp. 1-9
V.A. Atsarkin, V.V. Demidov, D.G. Gotovtsev, N.E.
Effect of diamagnetic dilution on spin dynamics in manganites (in Russian)
(English abstract, PDF [843 Kb])

pp. 11-16
A.P. Akhtanin, A.A. Kosov

The isotopic effect in highly correlated superconductors in the Anderson-Hubbard two-orbital model (in Russian)
(English abstract, PDF [415 Kb])

pp. 17-20
S.I. Belov

Elementary excitations in two-dimensional classical ferromagnet (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [149 Kb])

pp. 21-32
I. Eremin, M.V. Eremin

Polaron effects in extended Hubbard model (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [426 Kb])

pp. 33-36
N.F. Fatkullin, R. Kimmich

On the viscoelasticity theory of polymer melts (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [104 Kb])

pp. 37-49
N.G. Fazleev, J.L. Fry, J.M. Rejcek

Feynman-Kac path integrals and excited states of quantum systems (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [504 Kb])

pp. 51-58
I.A. Garifullin, N.N. Garif'yanov, D.A. Tikhonov, M.Z. Fattakhov, K. Theis‑Bröhl, K. Westerholt, H. Zabel

Transformation of magnetic state under the influence of superconductivity in epitaxial V/Pd1-xFex bilayers (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [217 Kb])

pp. 59-73
. Izyumov, N.I. Chatshin, D.S. Alekseev

Generating functional approach to the Hubbard model (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [544 Kb])

pp. 75-94
M.I. Kaganov, A.V. Chubukov

Fermi liquid and strong correlations (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [1013 Kb])

pp. 95-102
B.M. Khasanov

Isotropic phase of nematics in porous media (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [368 Kb])

pp. 103-118
M.G. Khusainov

Nonuniform superconducting states and Umklapp processes in ferromagnetsuperconductor nanostructures (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [1129 Kb])

pp. 119-131
A.A. Kokin, K.A. Valiev

Ensemble silicon-based NMR quantum computers (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [480 Kb])

pp. 133-139
A.V. Minkin, S.I. Tsarevskii

Magnetic field of type II superconductors in the normal flux core model (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [439 Kb])

pp. 141-153
G.I. Mironov

The investigation of the B-U-V Hubbard model in the static fluctuation approximation (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [933 Kb])

pp. 155-163
H.-A. Krug von Nidda, G. Kruschel, A. Loidl, B. Elschner

Spin dynamics in La2-xSrxCuO4 doped with Fe: An ESR study (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [422 Kb])

pp. 165-179
R.R. Nigmatullin, A. Le Mehaute

To the nature of irreversibility in linear systems (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [572 Kb])

pp. 181-190
. Proshin

Four-layered ferromagnet-superconductor nanostructures: critical temperatures and control devices (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [629 Kb])

pp. 191-197
A. Shengelaya, M. Bruun, K.A. Müller, A. Safina, K. Conder

Microscopic phase separation and two types of quasiparticles in lightly doped La2-xSrxCuO4 observed by electron paramagnetic resonance (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [179 Kb])

pp. 199-211
L.R. Tagirov, B.P. Vodopyanov

Theory of superconductor - strong ferromagnet contacts (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [996 Kb])

pp. 213-220
D.A. Tayurskii, K. Matsumoto

On the sound propagation in silica aerogels filled in by normal and superfluid helium (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [491 Kb])

pp. 221-228
G.B. Teitel'baum

Different regimes of stripe fluctuations in the superconducting cuprates (in English)

(Abstract, PDF [694 Kb])

pp. 229-239
Yablokov, V.V. Zelentsov, M.A. Augustyniak-Yablokov, A. Krupska, E. Mrozinski

Spin transitions in Fe(III) complexes (in Russian)

(English abstract, PDF [352 Kb])


Additional papers (html format) from book "Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Physics"


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